Painting Kitchen Cabinets With Chalk Paint Colors

Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

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Creative with Chalk Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

January 21, 2018 Kitchen Cabinet

Trend in European Kitchen Cabinets

“European kitchen cabinets  – take their kitchens very seriously,” Trendir says an online magazine dedicated to tracking what’s new in home decorating. Although this statement is not European cuisines necessarily better than American or European kitchen designers better than do American designers, it means that there are certain qualities you can expect from European cuisines, such as the clean lines and strong colors. These qualities manifest themselves in the current European cuisine trends.

European kitchen cabinets Frosted glass creates the illusion of transparency. They are clear enough for you to get an idea of ​​what lies behind the doors without clearly disclosing to get the content. These cabinets allow a harmonious balance between privacy and transparency. With the doors closed, frosted appearance of the cabinets’ gives the kitchen a sleek, finished look.

Dark colors currently prevail as a trend in European kitchen cabinets, in the form of highly polished dark and medium-sized silver gray oak and walnut. These provide a striking effect when paired with other common elements of European cuisine today: stainless steel or off-white solid counters. A general trend is to use a dark wood with silver or cream tops and splashes of color, add red as a kitchen clock, red tea towels, or other accessories.

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