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Motorized standing desk -If you have a small desk, your computer may have taken over all space. Until now! Take a stand for computer wood and clears a little work area. With a wooden board and four slats, elevates your notebook to eye level and uses the space beneath for books, notebooks or whatever you can think of.

A computer motorized standing desk generally has a peak where the keyboard and mouse sit and a raised area where the screen sits. Some tables set keyboard and mouse on a small shelf below the main peak, it is a personal decision. The CPU can sit on the table next to the desk, or on a special shelf created for it. Besides that, the choice is up to you. Some users prefer a minimal setup, with little more than a top and legs. Others find plenty of storage space, with filing cabinets and drawers

Most offices will include at least some wood, even if only for desktop and monitor shelves. Motorized standing desk need not be built on the desktop. You can build or buy simple risers, put them on your desktop, and many of these include storage organizers underneath besides wood, you can build legs and frames from PVC or iron pipe. . You can also suspend desktops from the walls using clamps or commercial shelving systems.

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