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January 9, 2018 Kitchen Cabinet

Simple but Dramatic Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets

Mission style kitchen cabinets – are characterized by clean lines and minimal decoration, exposed woodwork and natural materials such as oak and leather. You can decorate your kitchen on mission, creating a charming space in its simplicity but dramatic in its effect style.

Mission style kitchen cabinets are made of solid oak. Any coating or beveled cabinet doors are rectangular, with at most a curved crown. If you want a touch of style arts and crafts in their cabinets, add crystals of two or three of cabinet doors. Using hardware that sits on outside of frame. mission style known for its hardware, reflecting craftsmanship to create pieces of raw material and exposed woodwork. In contemporary kitchens, granite countertops are quickly becoming norm. Being a natural material, granite blends well with mission style. However, granite is a highly decorative stone. To alleviate some of decor, including a length of butcher block on your counter. An alternative would granite concrete.

Although earthy browns dominate mission style kitchen cabinets, you can bring color to your kitchen. Creamy yellow walls with orange or rustic white brighten space. It could also stain oak finish and paint walls a green sea, pale blue or ocher. color palette includes mission style any color in nature, such as green and red. However, colors always muted.

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