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January 19, 2018 Modern Desk

Modern Corner Desk: Optimizing Space

Modern corner desk – Functionality and ergonomics of corner desks are difficult to overestimate. Angled tables appeared long before computers were invented, at a time when landscape of an office resembled mountainous terrain made up of large white piles of papers and books. Typewriters were hardly a small gap between mounds of documents that needed to be sorted. And this way tables appeared on corner. This gesture not only provided more work space, but also more privacy for workers. In large offices with no dividing walls, corner tables enclosed a small personal space for each employee.

Modern corner desk can often be found at receptions and halls, as they help create an atmosphere of solidity and seriousness as a business letter. example that we show you represents this perfectly: in a hall of classic style, this sinuous piece captures eyes of all visitors. Built in wood and in a very modern style, this table not only provides a large work surface, but is conceived as a symbol of hegemony. On other hand, form conquers space, giving it a character different from that of a simple office.

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As we discussed in introduction, these types of desks are widely used in open offices where many employees share same collective space. Contrary to divisions that create small private cubicles, has opted for an open and fluid organization that allows natural lighting to flood entire space. However, using modern corner desk is able to delimit small private areas that surround worker and give him some independence. In addition, they also help mark circulations by imposing order on open systems.

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