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Ideal Fine Table Linens in Sizes and Shapes

February 6, 2018 Table Linens

Luxury Table Linens in Ideal Size

Luxury table linens – A linen napkin may seem extravagant, but the cloth instead of paper napkins adds a touch of elegance to any business. Napkins come in different sizes depending on the occasion. Cocktail napkins are the smallest and are usually 6 inches square. Packed napkins used for formal lunches or brunch and usually measures 18 inches square. The standard size of a dinner napkin is 22 inches square. Buffet napkins are the largest, measuring 27 inches square.

Luxury table linens placemats are a fun alternative to tablecloths for casual get-togethers. Tablets are available in different shapes and sizes. There are no hard-and-fast rules, if you are unsure of the best form to use on your table, it is a general guide. Round table mats are suitable for the round table. Round tablets are available in a standard 14-inch diameter.

Luxury table linens Round Placemats works best on square tables and is available in a standard measurement of 13 inches square. Rectangular tablets are the perfect choice for a rectangular table and have dimensions in 12-of-16 inches and 13 by 19 inches. Oval tablets are most suitable for oval table and is available in a standard size 12-by-18 inches.

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