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January 24, 2018 Kitchen Table

Ideas for Making Round Kitchen Tables

Round kitchen table – With a few tools and supplies, making a simple kitchen table round 5 feet wide can seat six to eight people can be achieved in a short period of time. A wooden round kitchen table is expensive when buying one in a furniture store, and make one yourself will definitely save money.

Making a round kitchen table, cut the pieces, cut four legs 4 feet from his desk, using both 8 – foot 4×4, with the circular saw. Cut four sections of 2 feet under two 2×4 6 feet 5 inches. Creating the round top of the table leaf 5 square feet of plywood. Find the exact center of her using the tape measure.  Cut the circle of plywood using the scroll saw. Sand any rough edges 4 of all cut pieces. Brush wood stain or paint on them and allow all parts to dry.

Round kitchen table mount, stand the four legs end in a pattern of 3 square feet.  Place the frame on the legs. Center the surface of the table on the framework and drive 1.1 / 2-inch nails along the top part of what has nails spaced 4 inches apart in all directions. Unit two additional nails 1-1 / 2 inches over the top of each leg for additional robustness.

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