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January 31, 2018 Kitchen Table

Friendly Round Kitchen Table and Chairs Ideas

Round kitchen table and chairs – Round dining tables encourage conversation, companionship and, yes, romance. Less earn their keep as side tables and accents throughout home. But round tables can be hard to care when you want to dress them up; selection of standard round tablecloths are pretty limited.

Instead of expected round tablecloth on a round kitchen table and chairs, try a square. If your table has legs instead of a pedestal, adjust corners of cloth with table leg. You can have same release as you would with a round tablecloth, and for formal settings, you can still hide legs of table without disturbing diners’ legs. A 90-inch square is a perfect fit for a 60 inch table. To adjust drape on corners, tie ribbon or string around each table leg and overhanging corner of cloth; lift and nudge excess overhang above tie to get look you want.

Select cloths of various sizes. Use a round cloth on the floor, with a small round kitchen table and chairs. Or put a square cloth diagonally over another. If you have a lace cloth off the best advantage (and add protection to your table) by draping it over a solid color cloth. Use a solid color cloth underneath, add a rectangle on top in a contrasting or complementary color or print, and you should only change the top to change the mood. Using runners, placemats and napkins to add layers of interest. Sheer elegance and graphic effect, use black and white.

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