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January 14, 2018 Table Linens

Elegant and Affordable Linen Table Runners

Linen table runners – Table runners help tone for a meal, add an aesthetically pleasing aspect to a formal or informal gathering. They are used to create rustic, elegant table runners materials can also be used to highlight a particular aspect of the occasion; for example, a paper table runner is used at a dinner celebrating a first wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is paper.

The paper makes easy, elegant and affordable linen table runners. Butcher paper is available in bulk, and can be stenciled or stamped with a design appropriate to the occasion. Or buy wrapping paper with a design and theme to suit the event you are planning. Cut the paper to the width of your preference, leaving enough length to drape runner over each end of the table.

Wood is rustic and elegant at once, and can make an interesting and original table runner when paired with a neutral tablecloth and a sumptuous centerpiece. For a truly primitive flair, using an unfinished, weathered piece of wood as linen table runners. Top with a bowl of fruit or a bouquet, or other rich yet rustic centerpiece and place appetizers, side dishes and main courses in decorative dishes along the length of the runner.

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