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January 30, 2018 Drinkware

Crystal Drinkware: Enjoy All Kinds of Drinks

Crystal drinkware – The glasses are an essential element. Our table will be completely tarnished if we put a splendid tablecloth, our best crockery and cutlery and table centerpieces but do not have adequate glassware that fits the type of drink we serve. If we want to be the perfect hosts, we must take care of the type of glass that we put on the table every time.

Crystal drinkware is always the best material to enjoy all kinds of drinks, and more if it is a wine. A transparent and smooth glass will allow us to appreciate the shades of all the wines. In addition, the glass will conserve all the qualities of the wine so that we fully enjoy this moment.

We always start with the softer (younger) wine to finish with the most powerful (aging, reserve, great reserve) so that the smell is not saturated. It is best to have a glass for the white wine and another for the red wine. If it is not, you can lighten the glasses with water between the face and tasting and then rinse them with the new wine that you are going to serve. Remember that the white wine crystal drinkware should have a longer stem and the calyx may be narrower, while for red wines, it is better that the calyx be more open.

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