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January 21, 2018 Kitchen Cabinet

Creative with Chalk Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

Chalk paint on kitchen cabinets – Have they noticed in the fashion of painting slate at home, as part of the decor? Unsurprisingly and I’ve seen all over the Internet, of beautiful things to exaggeration (like a green-school refrigerator or cover). But I do not care for it to be the first. So it was my turn to have a particular board.

The only two matte colors are black and green school, to do the same board! In the US there are more color options, and Martha Stewart has also taught the formula of how to make your own printer at home. I chose the kitchen door to be my scribbles corner. I no longer liked the friezes in wood and no handle. I thought any change would have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect. The painter chalk paint on kitchen cabinets took the ribs, gave a sanded and with two coats of paint, the work was done. See the before & after:

When I commented to my project chalk paint on kitchen cabinets, a friend asked me if I did not care about the dirt that the chalk dust could do. But so far not found it to be a problem. To delete, used a damp cloth and everything is solved. I bought a chalk box on a real one store and still came various colors.

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