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January 21, 2018 Kitchen Cabinet

Attaching Frameless Kitchen Cabinets against a Ceiling

Frameless kitchen cabinets  – without frames are stylish, modern and give the home a European air. People often appreciate the aesthetic and functional qualities of these cabinets. However, your installation may be more difficult than cabinets with frames, since there is less room for error. With a little planning and a lot of attention during installation, frameless cabinets can be a success.

Draw the design of the frameless kitchen cabinets on the walls and ceiling. Make sure that all the lines drawn are stable, plumb and framed. Check the measurements of your cabinets and your lines to make sure that everything will fit properly. Make small marks on the sides of the boxes to be places where the nails will be on the walls.

Place the corner frameless kitchen cabinets at the top of the wall in the corner formed by the two walls and the ceiling. It is possible to place it on a stand or an auxiliary box, which is a box made of the required height to the bottom to keep the cabinet in place. Place a screw into a beam through the backplane, using the marks made in step 1 to locate the beam. If necessary, use shims to level and plumb the closet. Finish fixing the cabinet to the wall with more screws and nails in the rafters.

Once all the frameless kitchen cabinets are installed, attach and adjust the door so they can open and close properly. Then install crown molding, the case may be using. Finally, lights and accessories at the bottom of the cabinets can be installed.

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