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January 11, 2018 Standing Desk

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter for Computer

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter – After many hours of sitting and leaning over the computer keyboard, many users begin to be tired and sore. Recent studies suggest that sitting for a long time could really affect our health, and suggest that a possible solution could be desks that allow us to stand while working. Stand while working improves concentration by increasing blood flow to the brain, these results in clear thinking and the ability to concentrate more intensely on the problems more prefaced periods.

The benefits of an adjustable standing desk converter contributes to productivity somehow surpass the benefits to health, and that healthier workers tend to be more productive. Desktop users can switch between standing and sitting. There is a study also found that some workers prefer higher adjustable furniture which allow them to alternate sitting or standing periods.

In the study “Research into the Sedentary Behavior of Australia’s Working Population (Research sedentary behavior of the active population of Australia)” Associate Professor David Dunstan showed a relationship between prolonged periods are spent sitting and an increased risk of diabetes 2 and cardiovascular disease. People working unemployed move more, reducing this risk. Standing desks for computers make it possible to place the monitor in a greater variety of positions, minimizing user discomfort. Adjustable standing desk converter allows greater storage capacity under the desk, and that store is easier to use because the desktop is higher.

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