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January 10, 2018 Flatware

18 10 Flatware: Latest Arrivals to the Table

18 10 flatware – We constantly use knives, forks and spoons, but did you know that fork first appeared in the 1700s, and the American way to keep the cutlery on is older than European? Far up in history did people with cutlery made of wood. Blade of the knife was made of metal, but otherwise ate people with wooden spoons and sometimes forks. The fork is the latest arrivals to the table, because you could easily shoveling food onto a spoon – either with the knife or your fingers.

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Only in the 1700s came the 18 10 flatware as we know it, to Denmark and in the beginning mainly on the tables of the nobility and the wealthiest. Pioneering countries were the UK and especially France, where it was about to behave civilized, and adopt manners at the table, which did not work offensive to other people. So not only that it had ended up sitting and fart and burp during dinner; it was also unheard shoveling food into as if you were on hunger verge of death.

Using cutlery signaled formation and where it was originally silversmithing in charge of production, it was with industrialization in the 1800s factories that handled the production. One of the first mass-produced 18 10 flatware was Danish Standard, produced by Cohr Silverware factories from 1929 into the 1960s.

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