The Unexpected Benefits Of Allowing Your Children To Play In The Dirt

It is considered that if you give the children opportunities to play in the dirt, it will make them not only happy, knowledgeable but also healthy.

Today, because there are many stores and shopping malls with a lot of products to clean and sanitize, the children grow up in the hygiene conditions. As a result, that they don’t contact with many kinds of germs and bacteria makes the children’s immunity system can not define what the germs and bacteria are. It can be the reason to explain why the rate of eczema, asthma and other diseases are dramatically increasing.THE UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF ALLOWING YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY IN THE DIRT

The parents in the modern society don’t allow their children to play on the ground and often shout with a similar sentence: “Don’t play here! So dirty!”.  However, for the children have the deep passion to playing in the dirt. As the recent research, it is said that playing in the dirty places has many incredible advantages for the development of children’s body and mind.

The following list of benefits of allowing the children to play in the dirt is hopeful to persuade you to give your kids chances to take part in activities in the dirt.

According to the researching results about this problem, playing in the dirt is very useful for the development of the children’s brain.

In the dirty soil, there are many types of natural bacteria to activate nerve cells of the children to produce Serotonin that keeps one of the most important positions in doing the body functions and preventing your children from symptoms of the depression. In other words, taking in the activities in the dirty places give your kids happy and exciting feeling.THE UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF ALLOWING YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY IN THE DIRT

Particularly, playing in the dirt is also good for the children’s immunity system

The scientist presents their researching results that state that contacting with the factors of nature, especially the bacteria in the soil creates the suitable conditions to help the kids be healthy and have the abilities to avoid the diseases effectively.

Recently, there is a disordered syndrome caused by the lack of the contact with the nature. In the age of technology, it seems to be fewer and fewer children to have the chances to join in outdoor activities. That is described as the main reason relating to the inattentive, depressive and obese syndromes.


The more children joining outdoor activities laugh, the happier they feel.

It means that the blood pressure and level of stress of the kids are down.

Additionally, the children playing in the dirty places have many remarkably positive expression of attitude such as curiousness, adventurousness, ability to motivate themselves as well as abilities to understand and accept to face with the difficulties in their life.

In this article, we also show off some ideas for you and your kids to be immersed in the nature without any worries about stains on the clothes.

– Giving a bucket, a shovel for your children to play with the soil:

It can be easy for you to understand that they can play all day in the dirt that is a heaven for them by observing what is happening.


– Gardening with your kids:

Easily, you can make a small garden with some simple boxes of soil that is put on the balcony. The thing you should pay attention is to give the children a small area in the garden or a box of soil to do something they like such digging the soil, setting the seeds, fertilize, observing them grow up or shoveling the soil up and down in the simple way, growing flowers and plants with hydroponic system.

– Discovering the nature with your kids such as learning some kinds of insects, leaves, flowers, rocks or collecting natural objects, taking a walk in the forest or going picnic or teach your kids about organic gardening with composting

After taking part in outdoor activities in the dirty places, you should not clear the hands before having the meal by using the handkerchief. It would be better for you and your children to wash the hands with the water and soap.THE UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF ALLOWING YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY IN THE DIRT



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