Tips for Keeping the Leather Shoes Well

For men and women, choosing the shoes both making them comfortable when wearing and looking nice is not really easy. The more preferred type of the shoes that people often find may be the leather ones of the famous brands. For example, the Rockport shoes for men or women are also a good choice. They not only ensure their quality but also look very nice and exquisite. However, many people do not really know how to take care of them to maintain their beauty and brightness. In this post, there are some tips that will help you make your leather shoes always look new and bright.


Do not try to put your feet on the tight shoes

Sometimes, you can choose the shoes you feel very satisfied but they are a bit tight. In these cases, many shopkeepers still advise you to buy these shoes because they will expand after a period of using. As a result, a lot of people bought these tight shoes but do not feel them widening enough to put the feet into the shoes after using for a long time. At this time, they feel really regrettable because of having bought them but not the others wider. Therefore, never buy the shoes if you feel they are a bit tight.

Keep the shoes in the box after using them

Nowadays, many shoe brands sell the shoes attached with a very beautiful box along with the moisture-proof bag. After buying the shoes, you should not throw the box away but keep it. You can use the box to keep your shoes well when you do not use them.

For example, when there are the shoes you only use in the winter and do not wear in the other seasons, use the box to contain your shoes. You put the shredded papers into the shoes so that they will not deform. After that, let them in the box along with the moisture-proof bag. From that, your shoes will still be nice in the box for many months without affecting the leather’s quality.

Soften the leather shoes

After being stored for a long time, your leather shoes may shrink and be stiff, which makes your feet hurt. To soften the leather, you should apply a layer of the wet cream to the shoes before shoe shining. They will be soft again.

Or by another way, you can use the wet soft cloths to wipe the entire shoes and leave them overnight. They will also become softer.

To maintain the shoes’ durableness, you should limit to wet the shoes. When they are wet, you should not dry them by the fire or the sun because this can make your shoes shrink and become harder. You just need to dry them by letting them under the shade. After they are all dry, you should shine the shoes to make them soft again.

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Remove the odors in the shoes

The shoes used all day are often wet by the sweat, which causes the odors. You should put the moisture-proof bags into the shoes to absorb the moisture and sprinkle the talcum powder to remove the odors. Also to limit the odors and moisture, you ought to choose the good socks having a high absorbency. Or using the shoe insoles which has the deodorant is also a good idea.

With the above tips, do you see that taking care of your leather shoes is an easy job? Hope that your shoes are always beautiful and bright as they are new by your wonderful maintaining.

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