Indispensable Rules For Your Perfect Coffee Cups


In this day and time, coffee is known as an important part of people’s life. This hot and delicious beverage is a powerful way to increase the source of inspiration. It stimulates the ability of creation and makes us highly enthusiastic in our works.

However, to gain those amazing benefits from this tasty drink, it is necessary for us to ensure the quality of each cup. Everything has it own certain rules and coffee is not exceptional. If you want to have the perfect cups to enjoy, it is crucial for you to keep in my the following secrets:

Choosing right coffee


As the development of the economy, a mass of coffee companies appears, and they come with countless coffee products. Without knowledge and carefulness, even owning the best coffee maker, you may still have terrible cups because of wrong coffee.

When choosing coffee, you should consider its origin, brand thoroughly. It is better if you go to a reliable and famous store or supermarket. Also, check the expiry date carefully to avoid getting the out of date product.

If you buy ground coffee or coffee bean, you should consider the color and smell again and again. This step is done to ensure that there is nothing unusual happening such as mold.

Storing properly

It is obvious that without proper storage, your coffee may degenerate as well as decrease its natural flavor. If you have the best delicious coffee bean or ground coffee but the taste of your cup does not satisfy you, it is the time to check your storage process.

A lot of people make the mistakes such as forgetting to close the coffee bottle, put coffee at a place with moisture or direct sunshine. Therefore, you should avoid those wrong habits and remember to use the close bottle or vacuum-seal bags to contain your coffee. Also, choose an airy place without sunshine or moisture to store it.

Considering coffee equipment


Whether you brew your cups by the traditional or modern way, remember to pay attention to the brewing tools. The quality of your coffee is also relied on the equipment a lot.

It is certain that those tools are completely clean without dirt, odor. If you use the machine, you should check whether it still works well or not. Avoid using cheap brewer or filter because they can change the taste of your cup as well as contain a lot of harmful chemicals.

Following the recipes

If you brew your coffee by the brewers such as Bunn, Keurig coffee maker, you may not worry about the amount of water and coffee. Those machines have available programs which allow you to brew coffee with the suitable amount.

Nevertheless, if you carry out by hands only, it is important for you to do carefully. You should read the recipes or instructions and follow them seriously. If you use too much water or less ground coffee, your cup will not be tasty and may be diluted.

Not just that, the brewing temperature should also be taken into account. The recommended temperature to brew coffee is around 200F. Using too hot water may make your coffee bitter and decrease its original taste.


Those rules are some simple but important points that every coffee enjoyer should keep in mind. The fact shows that a lot of people skip those rules and they cannot get the delicious cup as they want. Therefore, if you want to get the perfect coffee cup and enjoy it fully, let follow and experience how great they are!

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