How to fill a blog with attractive layout of top contents

Writing blogs is becoming more and more popular for young people nowadays. However, it requires advanced technologies to make the writings to be attracted by meaningful contents and an eye-catching outline. This is quite similar to choosing a top pillow which has not only advanced quality but also own beautiful colors.

Thus, in addition to having a good overview, bloggers must know how to arrange blog content in a scientific layout. Let take a look at the following guides to know how to fill your blog with top contents.


Classify contents:

This is an important step to indicate how many topics the blog will write about. As a result, you can see easily what kinds of topics you should focus on sharing. Normally, a blog can contain several main topics which express both admin’s hobby and trend of society today. Therefore, you should keep balance of writings for these topics when writing.


Check feedbacks and subscribers:

This activity is done regularly by admin to check how the writings approach readers. If a number of people access the blog more highly, it is sure that the blog has effect more popular. Of course, this helps you have your own survey and know which topics are more popular than the rest. Along with this, you should to change your thought and give another way to improve blog’s content.


Set up background again:

As you can see, one of the most important conditions to make a blog more attractive is because of background. Choosing colors and symbols for blog’s background depends on blogger’s hobby; however, if you want to attract readers on your blog, you need to create an eye-catching and scientific background. It includes colors, music, and symbols to decorate the blog.

Nevertheless, you should not choose too many colors which are too bright or dark to fill in background. Because this makes readers feel dazzled when logging in.


Arrange writing:

It is very necessary to reorder writings regularly because readers always want to have refresh sight once accessing the blog. Sometimes, you do not need to write all new writings but you should change blog’s outline in home page. Obviously, readers are able to look for the top writings easily without wasting much time.

Also, creating a standard title for writings is very essential. Let imagine that you are readers, how do you feel when seeing a too long or too short title on the blog? Remember that you do not have much time to access all writings, so that an attractive title will be the top best choice for you.

In addition, do not forget to update new contents frequently, thus people can feel more excited when reading. To do this, you should spend more time looking for useful knowledge and update new information on other sites.

Let try to make refreshment for the blog every day with the above tips. I hope that the writing will be helpful to improve your blog.

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