Supporting the
Nutritional Needs
of Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women and their Developing Children.
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A bit about CredibleCravings

We created CredibleCravings with one intention: to provide optimal nutrition during the time when it matters most – before, during and after pregnancy. A mother's nutritional status during this period has a significant impact on her health and leaves lifelong footprints on the health of her child.

We identified the essential vitamin and mineral needs and ideal energy sources for the perinatal period and went to the field to find natural, fresh ingredients to meet those needs. Next, we put them in a scrumptious snack bar perfect for moms on the go. Each bite is jam-packed with the highest quality ingredients from mother Earth – chosen with nutritious intent – for Mom and Baby.

"There is a bar for everybody. Ours is the one for the woman who wants to make sure she is giving her body and her baby the absolute best"

CredibleCravings(Irvine, California)

"As a health conscience and busy mom of two, I love that CredibleCravings allows me to bring whole foods with me on the go. And if my kids want a bite (as they always do), I am happy to share the wholesome ingredients with them!"

Lauren Stone (Denver, Colorado)

"CredibleCravings perinatal nutrition bars are a smart and satisfying solution for meeting the nutritional needs of an expecting or new mom on the go."

Meghan Lyons (Los Angeles, California)